When you plan a ride in summer season, the foremost choice of every rider is always a Hill Station, away from Pollution & Population and obviously respite from the hot weather. Shimla & Manali are always on the list of many like minded people, but for us, it is a normal routine journey, therefore the…..

As a rider, when I see a bike with jerry cans in the carrier and rucksacks tied to the seat or someone wearing their riding jackets, that very moment leaves me with joyous feelings. It gives me an immense pleasure if any rider gets motivated after seeing us ride and wishes to join our Riding…..

पूरा लाहौल अपने मेहमानों की खातिरदारी में जुट गया है।अपने फसलों को भारी नुक्सान व सेब के पेड़ों की तबाही के गम को भूल कर ,सब लोग विभिन्न जगह फंसे हुए लोगों को,हैलिकाप्टर के जरिए, ज़ुराब,पूरी,सब्ज़ी,भेज रहे हैं।जो सिस्सु हैलिपेड पहुंच रहे हैं,उन्हें चाय, पुरी और सब्ज़ी के साथ,खिला रहे हैं।यही हमारी हिन्दुस्तान की पहचान,स॔स्कृति…..

THE PREPARATION Sitting in office, watching the lazy schedule of meetings for the week could be really boring ????. I was doing just the same when the picture of a lake was posted by someone on Instagram. I immediately called my friend and group co- owner Jeevan and uttered those golden words “Let’s go on…..