Who ae are
About Us
The Highway riders was created by two friends to celebrate friendship and enjoy their common passion for biking. Thought came for making a group in the Picturesque hills of Shimla. Then the idea grew on our blitz trip of Spiti Valley. With couple of more trips to Manali, Jaipur, Mcloedganj the thought became bigger. Finally it became real with the trip to the mecca of bikers Leh ladakh. And now there is no stopping us back.
The main motive of creating the group was to ride to new places, explore the world while enjoying the nature. The thump, The sound, The cold wind, The fragrance this is what keeps The Highway riders charged up for their trip.
We ride different
States and Union Territory of India
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir
Uttar Pradesh
Who ride with is in differnt rides
Gaurav Vishwakarma
Jeevan Singla
Mayank Kharyal
Avishek Puri
Rakesh Rana